Boarding in Monmouth

Boarding in Monmouth

The boarding community is an integral part of life for the Haberdashers’ Monmouth family, with around 30 per cent of all pupils calling the schools home.

Creating a nurturing environment where children feel comfortable, happy and inspired to aim high in everything they do is our main priority.

Girls and boys learn differently, yet regular interaction is vital to develop good social skills and confidence in preparation for life beyond school.

Dedicated boarding houses for juniors, seniors and sixth formers at the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools offer all the advantages of single-sex education, with time and space planned for prep in each house.

And there is always a busy programme of joint activities, sports and excursions at the weekends.

Our boarders form lifelong friendships, lovely memories and a strong sense of community during their time here.  Over 65% of our boarders are British and we have an exciting cross-section of international boarders from all over the world.

Each house has a Houseparent as well as a matron and a team of residential tutors and many of the house staff live there with their families, often with young children and pets.

This fosters the supportive family atmosphere which is so important to the boys and girls.

Estyn has recognised the schools and their boarding facilities as ‘excellent’, the highest praise possible, and we are constantly improving and updating facilities to ensure the highest standards.

Boarders have gone on to take their place on the world stage and make a real impact in areas as diverse as science, sport, politics, broadcasting, music, acting and medicine.

Our highest achieving alumni, including Olympians and hugely successful entrepreneurs, have called upon invaluable skills they learnt in boarding to help them reach the top of their game.

Time-management, organisation, self-belief, respect, humility and determination are ingrained in all of our pupils during their time with us, and each child is encouraged to shine doing what they love most.

Boarding begins at aged 7 for both girls and boys.

Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools Boarders’ Handbook: 2020/21

Haberdashers’ Monmouth Boarders’ Handbook 2021/22 (PDF – 1.2MB)