Boarding in Monmouth

Girls Boarding

In the film, Year 7 boarders Rachel, Arianna and Sophie describe what it’s like to live in School House at Monmouth School for Girls.

Everyday in Boarding is special as there is so much to share and be involved with. The central value of boarding at Monmouth School for Girls revolves around the concept of community. We are delighted to share our boarding houses with over 120 girls from 25 different countries. Our aim is to ensure that each and everyone feels welcome and supported and that all  the girls have an opportunity to contribute to boarding life.

Our aim is to make a home for the girls whilst they are away from their parents. The staff are highly qualified in pastoral care, with a particular understanding for those who are a long way from home. Each member of staff has been selected for their ability to relate to the girls in their care and to look after each one’s individual needs. The furnishings are comfortable and luxurious and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

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