International boarder from Dubai

Lorenz, Year 8

Lorenz, Year 8 boarder from Dubai

Joined Monmouth School for Boys from Horizon International School

When I did the entry test for Monmouth School for Boys, I immediately realised it was a brilliant place at which to study.

I joined the school in September and I am a boarder in Chapel House. It’s nice and cosy in Chapel House and everyone is friendly and cares about each other.

There is a lot of stuff going on during and after school. I play rugby, go swimming and take part in PE. History and ICT are my favourite subjects and Maths is a great subject to learn too.

I have settled in quickly and I think Monmouth is an amazing school where everything is great. I love it here.

I am hoping to get an excellent education at Monmouth and go on to study at a university in the UK before, perhaps, becoming a teacher in ICT.