“Time here is invested, not spent”.

Academic interests are at the school’s core with consistently high grades at GCSE and A level and with many girls going on to Oxbridge or Russell Group universities.

At Monmouth School for Girls, the widest possible range of subject choices is available. Subjects are guided by, but not limited to, the National Curriculum, and taught by dedicated, highly qualified staff. The standard of teaching is excellent, while co-operation with our sibling school, Monmouth School for Boys, enables girls to interact with boys of their own age in both academic and social settings.

Girls are given the tools and the guidance to learn for themselves, enhancing their confidence, their independence and their thirst for knowledge, giving them a lifelong taste for learning.

Co-educational teaching at A level, along with social events across the school years where boys and girls mix together ensure they develop the ability to build friendships, essential as they head off to university in later years.