Sammara from Saudi Arabia

Year 11 boarder

Sammara, Year 11 boarder from Saudi Arabia

Joined Monmouth School for Girls from Horizon International School

Before coming to Monmouth, I did my research on other schools. After attending the exhibition in Dubai, Monmouth was my stand-out choice.

With day and boarding pupils, and a good mix of international students, I could tell that Monmouth was a lovely community that comes together.

I am in Year 10 and there are always lots of people to talk to. I joined in April and I have made friends and I feel at home. I am a boarder in the Twiston Davies house for girls in years 9 to 11 and we are all friends and it’s a lot of fun.

I don’t get homesick because there are so many activities going on during the day and after school to keep me busy. I get the opportunity to speak to my parents regularly.

I have joined the badminton club and I do ballet after school, while Geography and Physics are the subjects I enjoy most because the teaching is excellent.

The school food is very good, too, with a huge variety of options – both traditional and international.

The school is situated in Monmouth, a small and friendly town. It’s easy to find your way around the town without getting lost – that’s definitely important when you move to a new area.