About Monmouth Prep

School Chaplain

The schools have a Christian foundation as set out by our founder, William Jones, Haberdasher.  The community today is welcoming to those of all religious backgrounds, or none, and the spiritual life of the schools is supported by our Chaplain.  Below is a description of what is offered in our schools, both boarding and day.

The Chaplaincy helps pupils to understand the Christian spiritual roots of our school and society, and to own the Christian faith for themselves if they choose to do so.  This is expressed formally in weekly assemblies, or in special services such as Lessons & Carols at Christmas or an annual service of Confirmation; and in less formal ways in which pupils may explore what they believe, and think critically about their own and others’ beliefs.Monmouth School for Girls Chaplaincy

A description of Jesus in his school age years is given in Luke’s Gospel:  “And the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favour of God was upon him.”  (Luke 2:40).  That verse speaks of growing not only physically and intellectually, but also finding wisdom and spiritual growth.  The schools believe in educating the ‘whole person’.  We seek not only academic excellence, but well rounded young people who know what it means to love both God and her neighbour.  The aim is to assist in the formation of well grounded, humble and confident young people.

Boarding pupils who have needs for other religious observance (for instance, Roman Catholic Mass or marking important Jewish or Muslim holidays) will be supported in this by the Chaplain and their Houseparents.  Any pupil is welcome to receive pastoral support on any matter.

The Chaplain is very happy to pray for you and your family.  Some parents gather to pray for the Schools (usually on Fridays preceding half terms or Monmouth School for Boys exeats).

If you would like to be in touch, you may email the Revd Clifford Swartz on swartz.clifford@habsmonmouth.org.