Years 3 to 6

For admission into Years 3-6, all children will have an interview-style chat with the Head of Monmouth Prep School, Mr Neil Shaw. We may also ask to see a sample of a child’s work. Not only does this help us determine a child’s academic potential, but it is also an opportunity for your child’s individualism and personality to shine.

The boys and girls will also take a short age-appropriate test in Maths and English which will be taken under the care of a member of the teaching staff. These entrance assessments are usually held in March, though they can be arranged at other times during the school year. Offers will be made in writing within two weeks of the assessments.

Wherever possible, girls and boys will be able to attend a taster day, if they wish. This is a fantastic opportunity for our candidates to experience a day in the life of a Monmouth Prep School pupil.