Leadership opportunities

Sixth Form students are proud to play a leading part in the life of the schools and act as role models to younger students. Formal opportunities for student leadership exist in the guise of the Head Boy and Girl, Senior Prefects and School Prefects. Senior Prefects undergo formal leadership training once they have been appointed in the Summer term.

“The leadership training was very useful – I learned the value of listening whilst leading”
Lucy, Year 12

Sixth Formers have a strong voice in the School Council, Sixth Form Forum and the Joint Schools’ Council (which includes students from Monmouth Comprehensive School). Informal opportunities to develop leadership skills also abound: for example, Sixth Formers captain sports teams and deliver reports on fixtures to the whole school during assemblies.

Holding rank as an NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) in the CCF is a privilege open only to Sixth Formers and offers a broad experience of how to take charge of juniors in a responsible and caring way.

The William Jones Debating Society, a student-led organisation, offers students the opportunity to present papers to their peers on issues of interest to them, and provides them with valuable experience in chairing discussions.