Pastoral Overview

Pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do

We provide help and guidance throughout the Sixth Form, enabling students to develop self-confidence and a better understanding of their strengths s as they prepare for life beyond school.

Each student belongs to a small tutor group with a personal tutor to guide them through their academic studies as well as a pastoral leader who gives them individual support when needed.

With a school-wide focus on health and wellbeing, there is plenty of support available within our community.

Sixth Form students have a greater level of autonomy and independence but are still fully integrated within the schools, giving them a genuine sense of identity and community.

We value the impressive contributions our students make and their importance as mentors and role models to the younger pupils.

Within our community, our Sixth Formers have many opportunities to develop their own pastoral skills and leadership qualities with training given where appropriate.

For example, they can share their passion for their favourite subjects with younger pupils, lead their house, run a choir, manage a duty team, support students new into the Sixth Form or act as a peer mentor.  There are plenty of roles for our students to step into. All senior prefects are appointed in the Summer term of Year 12.


Sixth Form students of Monmouth School for Boys and Monmouth School for Girls are taught at both sites in co-educational classes, with a balanced number of boys and girls in each class whenever uptake allows.

Students can expect to have at least one of their subjects taught at the sibling school.

The structure of the schools’ day allows ample time to move between sites, and students gain a greater sense of freedom and independence, and a chance to re-energise between lessons.

Tutor System

Each student has a personal tutor who develops an in-depth knowledge of their interests, strengths and talents. The tutors closely monitor and support each individual’s academic and personal development.

We value the open lines of communication between students, parents and staff.  Our teachers are experienced in delivering both single-sex and co-educational lessons and appreciate the different contributions girls and boys make. They encourage an exchange of ideas and an approach which will benefit each student when they move on to university and future careers.

Social Life

Sixth Formers enjoy an exciting range of social opportunities throughout the year.

There are quiz and curry evenings, a fancy dress disco, Summer Ball, and a host of weekend events which, although targeted at boarders, day students can also sign up for.  These include shopping trips, barbecues and sporting and adventurous activities.